Why We’re Different

shutterstock_140345725We build large supporter files—quickly. If you’re looking for growth, you’re in the right place. We specialize in helping organizations grow by leaps and bounds in a very short time. On average, we take a new organization from zero to 150,000 or more supporters in under two years.

We are creative. We are experts at creating direct mail packages that revolve around “techniques” that involve the reader and demand their attention.   It is harder to create these kinds of appeals, but they generate the highest response for our clients. Whether it’s writing a letter to evoke emotions strong enough for someone to write a check or creating packages that make an impact—despite the clutter in the mailbox—we utilize innovative strategies each and every day with great success.

We know what works. The JSA team is comprised of experienced direct mail professionals. We handle your entire direct mail initiative—from the early planning and creative stages to production, delivery and assessment. We are confident that the campaign we create for you will be a success.

We have experience on our side.  Our clients work with a highly experienced team that’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars, tested hundreds of mailing concepts, built a huge database of test results and worked with dozens of vendors across the country.  Most of our team has been at JSA for decades — just like our clients.

No mistakes. No trial and error. Just results.