Consulting: Strategy, Branding & Positioning

A set of eyes from the outside can be helpful in cutting to core questions surrounding a fundraising strategy, the way supporters perceive your organization or the way the organization portrays itself.  And eyes with decades of experience in raising money and motivating supporters are even more valuable — and worth paying for if the result is useful, actionable information that helps you grow a better organization.

If you ask us to review your strategy or make recommendations on branding or positioning, you’ll receive a concise, clearly written analysis with straightforward recommendations on steps that can be taken to clarify or improve your message, improve your brand, and differentiate your organization from the competition (yes, non-profits DO have competitors).

We are an experienced, well-connected, and thoughtful group of experts with a wealth of insight and a trusted network of contacts that can assist you in just about any area of fundraising you may need. Whether it’s building online donors, obtaining grants, or bolstering your board of directors, we can help you bring together the best resources in the business to get the job done.

Let’s chat and see if we can help.