Building Your Supporter List

Your supporter file is your bread and butter.  A properly managed supporter file yields a predictable and steady stream of income on which you can build your organization and complete your mission.   That is why direct mail fundraising is about building supporter files and raising money — not about industry awards for the “best package.”   When it comes to building files from scratch, we are the best: Our newest client didn’t even have a name when we began working with them; they now have nearly 200,000 active supporters.  The client we signed before them also arrived with a great idea but not much more and they now have about 250,000 active supporters.  On two occasions, members of our team have created a direct mail strategy that enabled a non-profit to grow their supporter base to over 1 million active supporters or members.   If you’ve got a great idea and a clear mission, maybe we can create a supporter list for you that will allow you to do the work you want and need to do.